The Best IDM Team

What can we do?

Circuit development

we will give you professional advice of PCB board design and layers of layout to help you design the best quality circuit.

Multivariate design

Graphic design, media design, agency design, UI and UX design, the richest experience are available to you.


Software sector can combine the cloud with store information and big data analysis to help you collect intelligence.

Production line design

Both in Taiwan and China, we have product lines that have excellent manufacturing yield rate and quality management with iso 9001 to provide you a one-stop production integration and a single service window, which is simple, fast and responsible.

App development

Provide you a full range of services, from visual design, interface design and programming, all one-handed arrangements, and each project will be equipped with a staff to ensure that your company can successfully complete the project.


SMC started at chip design, priding from modules to finished products all arranged, and the hardware sector cooperates with the software sector to combine hardware and software, to give you a new experience.

Why should you choose SMC?

SMC has various types product design experience to be special, in which is most prominent by the non-contact induction type product, has the extremely rich design experience team, sends the product cross full amount position, the analogy, wired, wireless and the power source control manages IC, and has the manufacturing ability. The collection design, the production, is a body, from the components, the mold train, the end product to the soft hardware system conformity, is a vertical conformity group company.

The Best Team

SMC has been plowing Taiwan market for 20 years, and conforms the trend of the times, we also set up the iHoin App R&D department to attract social elites and top talents, provide powerful and efficient software development abilities, and combine the existing technologies with emerging technologies. We can provide you the most complete integration with our rich experience to meet your planned schedule and budget to complete the project. SMC development team can quickly respond to and meet customer needs by hardware and software to be harmoniously combined, and provide you with one-stop service, eliminating the time you consult around.

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